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I LOVE Christmas dinner. Everything about it is dreamy, and it is definitely one of the things I look forward to the most; way above presents and potential snow storms. So, Christmas dinner is great. But Christmas dinner COLD and inbetween slices of bread? FAR superior!

Every year  it is with baited breath that I await November, and the launch of Christmas Sandwiches in the shops. Pret A Manger practically have a restraining order against me for how many times I have asked when is Christmas Sandwich day?? on their Facebook fan page.

Off the back of a few people saying they enjoyed my Halloween snacks blog, I thought I would sample the top 3 Christmas sandwich offerings and report back. Any excuse to eat a turkey dinner sandwich every day this week for lunch under the guise of research!

1. Marks & Spencer Turkey Feast Sandwich

This is a heady line up of turkey, cure dried bacon, stuffing and cranberry. Oh and some random onion mayonnaise for good measure. It’s a pretty meat-tastic sandwich and the dryness of the turkey overtakes the more subtle festive flavours. Also the stuffing is minimal… and personally I think that is the best bit so being stingy isn’t very acceptable! On the whole it fills a hole and definitely beats boring ol’ ham and cheese but isn’t the king of Christmas sandwiches.

However, there is a very exciting selection of other Christmas treats from their Food on the Move range that have caught my eye; including Roast Gammon Crisps, Beechwood Smoked Gammon & Cornish Cruncher sandwich, Aberdeen Angus Rare Roast Beef & Ale Chutney sandwich, Christmas Cheesecake and Mulled Plum, Grape and Pear Juice (YUM!!!!) so you can expect a follow up of other Christmas goods – but I might hang on until we are actually in December. Although you don’t have to feel guilty about getting into the Christmas mood early as the best thing about the Festive range is that for every product sold; M&S will donate 5% to housing charity Shelter.

2. Eat Turkey & Cranberry Sandwich

This is the healthy option for festive foodies! There are only 369 calories per sandwich (compared to 500+ in the other two, mostly due to their lashings of mayo) and less than 5% fat. A lovely combo of turkey, cranberry and GREENS! Yes, rockety-water-cressy green stuff. This is the healthiest on offer so good for days when you fancy a big packet of crisps and mince pie on the side.

3.Pret A Manger Christmas Lunch Sandwich

It’s the original… and THE BEST! Those lovelies at Pret definitely know what they are doing and this sandwich is honestly some sort of genius. A perfectly stacked line up of turkey, sage & onion stuffing, proper cranberry & port sauce AND my favourite bit – little crackly pieces of fried onion create a taste sensation. Again, the company have a fantastic process where they donate 5p from every sandwich sold to help provide hot meals to the homeless across the UK at various charities.

So there we go, if you are a Christmas sandwich novice, I would highly recommend you start at Pret and report back. If you are a herbivore… there are tons of great products out there for you at all the chains I’ve mentioned too such as brie & grape baguettes and brie & cranberry chutney  sandwiches.

The one thing missing from all the contenders is…. a nice slab of Yorkshire pudding in there!

Maybe next year ey.

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