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01-03: Camden crawling. Had to pick up a small treat so got this waist long camera on a chain from one of the stable stalls.

04-05. Thinking pink. So not impressed that after neatly packing all my winter woollens away (I know, so premature!) that I’ve had to dig them all back out.

06-09: Street art on the warren of roads behind Brick Lane. The Antiantiantianti piece goes on for an entire street!

9-10. I went to see Pains Of Being Pure At Heart at Kings College. I appreciate the stamp detailing. Don’t be put off by the name, this band are amazing!

11. I recreated the holy Counter Cafe french toast! at home this weekend. It was actually really simple and cheap. I just dunked some bread in egg, fried it and served up with raspberries (99p for a bag of frozen ones at Tesco) and two sliced bananas which I also fried until caramelly. CC use brioche in their version so might try that next time!

12. Agent Cooper posing. I haven’t featured her on here for ages. Monday was my ONE YEAR anniversary of having her. One whole year and I haven’t broken her, phewf… I must be a real grown up.

There may be a little blog lul now (expect for a super special scheduled Sunday announcement) as I am packing my bags and speeding up to the north to be northern for a bit and see my friends & family & The Decemberists.

It’s forecast to snow – great welcome home!

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In my rebellious yoof I went through a spate of graffiti obsession. I got bored of seeing marker-scrawls on bus shelters and big silver chrome letters that got dreary and dull within days sitting on a grubby northern wall. I think my interest in it came less from wanting to be a bad ass and impress boys (although maybe a tiny bit of that!) and more from wanting to create something pretty on those old abandoned (legally dedicated for graffiti of course;]) walls. All my graffiti was pink and purple and garishly adorned in hearts and stars and daisies! And although I wasn’t exactly skilled, it was fun and I still look back on the photos and feel proud of my tiny forray into street art.

I even spread my new found graffiti lust far and wide, with my mum returning from a trip to Europe with lots of photos of various graffiti she’d spotted on her travels! I’d have loved to be a fly on the wall, and see peoples reactions to this smartly dressed mum-age lady taking photos of the local street art! She also was fully educated on knowing her dubs from her chromes from her tags from her pieces.

When I stumbled across the ‘A Love Letter For You’ project, it made me orange peel grin in a massive way. It combines becautiful artwork with heart warming messages. I just wish I lived in Philli to go check it out in 3D!

Love Letter is a project by Stephen Powers with the City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program and as well as securing art & heritage funding for the project; they also have two corporate sponsors. It’s a huge step in making graffiti socially acceptable and respected as an incredibley skilled artform, definitely coming off the back of other such mainstream artists like Banksy and Fafi. Whatever your views on graffiti… I don’t think you can see these photos and not feel just a tiny bit ROMANTIC. They are a love letter to the entire city! So often graffiti is blamed for the destruction and dystopia of urban environments, this project completely turns that on its head. I would love to know some statistics on how many smiles, better days and nice behaviours these creations evoked amongst the residents there!

All images c/o A Love Letter For You and Check out the entire collection here!

Lets hope one day we get something similar in London.

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