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I hate to be disparaging about Leeds because it was my home for five years and I did love it dearly, but sometimes I am reminded how much BETTER London is (sorry!!!) and Winter Wonderland was a very good example indeed.

In Leeds we got the yearly Christmas German Market (actually otherwise known by me and Lol as the German Market of Heartbreak & Doom owing to the fact that everytime the German Market came to town for my 5 years of life there; one of us seemed to on the cusp breaking up/be broken up with by someone and crying into our giant sausage about it.) anyway I digress, for a change. The German market is cool. There are a few little huts selling homemade things, gingerbread and the like. There is a small carousel. There is ONE beer/sausage/schnitzel area that you have to queue in the cold for about 30 minutes to even shuffle inside. And there are some dodgems.

This is what I was expecting when I met up with magic-two-Heathcote for a festive jaunt to Hyde Park. He had been to Winter Wonderland before, a few years ago, and I had never been. Mainly I had never been because I was expecting it to be like the German Christmas Market of Heartbreak and Doom and really once you’ve seen one, you’ve sort of seen them all. BOY WAS I WRONG! The Winter Wonderland is honestly the place dreams are truley made and if you live in London you have top get yourself down there! Website & Tickets Here.

There are no words, it was just magical and enchanting and amazing and if you want to feel the tiny-child Christmas way then this is the only guarentee. Plus there are endless little wooden chalets with fires and mulled wine to rest as you venture round in the cold. We were there 3 hours and didn’t even get around the whole thing! I am going MULTIPLE TIMES next year! Who’s with me?

One regret though, is not having the guts to order a cool power. I want one of those, whatever it is.

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