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So the trip got off to a slightly bumpy start. London Transport decided to hold a tube strike on the day of our flight! I never go on holiday, so typical that they select that day of all other 364.  I had to charm my mamanger to sneak out before the walk-out began at 3pm, which meant we were at Heathrow eager and checked in four hours early.

And then our flight was delayed. And THEN, I bumped into my first ever boyfriend in the departure lounge (my life IS the Truman Show, I mean what are the chances? Plus I was wearing a scruffy flight outfit of hoodie and scraped back ponytail. Alas!) And finally, we board the plane and then are sat on the runway in the pouring rain for nearly 2 hours, because some families from a transfer flight from Mumbai who had boarded had started getting sick. One by one puking children were excorted from the aircraft and it was definitely starting to feel like Dawn Of The Dead and that our plane was facing some sort of zombie infestation!

After all that drama, I watched a tiny bit of Diary Of A Wimpy Kid and then slept for the rest of the flight. I woke up just in time to gape open mouthed and nose pressed to the glass at the grid system as we landed. Because of the delay we arrived into NYC at about 3am and were hot, smelly and oh so excited as we got our first of many Yellow Cabs (so cheap! with TV in the back!) to our friends house. 

After a first day brunch, where I learnt how to order US-style – “2 eggs over-easy with a side of grits” … what?! We headed to Coney Island; as it was a beautiful day and it turned out we were staying just 6 stops on the subway away.

Coney Island is definitely New Yorks answer to Blackpool. We saw some real sights there including an elderly woman dancing to a boombox playing Like A Virgin! We played Shoot The Freak where you had to fire at a freak with a paintball gun (the freak actually turned out to be a surly Mexican teenage boy wearing a hockey mask so not too freaky really) and I tried my first (and last) Corn Dog. Ew! It’s like a frankfurter in a doughnut. It’s weird.



That night I learnt to play beer pong with some serious American movie sports jock boys, sang karaoke (including Empire State Of Mind which did bring a little holiday tear to my eye!) and ended up drinking Whiskey and eating cheesecake on a porch in Brooklyn at 3am.

The next day we brushed off the cobwebs with a ride on the ferry to see Liberty. She was looking lovely.

More soon… & don’t forget to enter and hype up my NYC competition here!

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