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I need to get out of the bad brain habit that every blog post on here needs to be an epic adventure! After Morocco, New York, Los Angeles… I’ve got used to expecting to spend hours carefully cutting and curating and tapping away to create something solid and grand. But actually, the blogs I enjoy reading the best are a bit more higgeldy piggeldy and spontaneous with their content. I recently discovered Sally Tangle, a sweetheart of a girl who I instantly wished fiercly lived in my town so she could be my real life friend. Her blog is SO unique (a tough shout in the cookie cutter genre blog world of today) and such a flow of her thoughts and fears and favourites and feelings. I would highly recommend adding her to your reader, everyone needs a slice of her type of life perspective!


Milk Bottles

This morning I had a business meeting in a cafe (the best of all kinds) and was taken to a little hideaway in Carnaby Street called Speakeasy. I was really taken with the jars of jam laid out on all the tables. So taken that I just had to order some fancy homemade bread-toast to slather with it. I plumped for strawberry and it was jam-packed (get it!) with huge strawberry bits and extremely tasty. I know cute condiments have gotten a little bit overkill recently but I really appreciate the teeny tiny milk bottles and jar shaped cocktail tankards and novelty salt & pepper shakers sprouting up all over the place. This attention to detail I’m sure can have its downside if everyone thinks they are so nice, they want to pinch them thanks very much, but some brands just get it so right; I’m looking at you Wahaca “save our spoons” amnesty and you Virgin Atlantic salt & pepper shakers and the vintage milk bottles above in Leon.

Virgin Salt & Pepper Shakers

This week has been blurry, long eye-stinging work hours and muchos Espanol lessons and homework, and long lost friends to catch up with over pizza. I also have been back into the fitness thing with a vengeance, as you don’t even want to know how much weight I piled on during my USA trip but I’m sure you can guess just by reading my previous blogs. Every day my alarm has twittered away at 6.30 and I’ve whimpered as I drag my sore leg muscles back for some more slogging it out at the gym. It helps that it’s light in the mornings now though, I definitely have more of an imaginary spring in my zombie-step as I sludge to the tube.


Aztec print! I’m not entirely enamoured with this print phase but when I saw these beauts in Primark whilst sheltering from a burst of Bristol rain, they were the only pair in sight and in my size, so I took the plunge with my first aztec purchase. I have to say I’ve practically had to ban myself from wearing them as after 3 days in a row I was worried my colleagues were eyeing me judgmentally. (I’m sure they weren’t, they are very lovely). Primark have definitely stepped up their jeans-game. I used to be suckered in by the £6 price tag and the pretty colours, but every time after one wear I’ve suffered the ultimate jeanmare; saggy KNEES and saggy bum syndrome. It got so ridiculous, with so many pairs ending up unworn and taken to charity, that I haven’t bought any from there for about 3 years. I’m so pleased that it seems like these can take a battering and still fit perfectly. I think it’s going to be the start of a very long partnership. I’m planning to wear them this weekend (another weekend away! I haven’t had a weekend in London since the first week of March!) up to Derbyshire. My friend has hired a bunk barn for her 30th birthday so 30 of us are trecking there from all corners of the UK for a weekend of hiking, cooking, table tennis, boozing and rambling around the middle of nowhere.



A few hands. Top hand is raspberry crush Models Own polish, with my authentic Malibu hairband. All the girls in Malibu wear these (sometimes muliples) tie-dye elastics and I’m surprised the trend hasn’t caught on anywhere else as I think they are really nifty; they also dont snag your hair so practical and pretty. The bottom hand is my ONLY pay day treat. It’s my birthday next week so I’m on a tight shopping ban from my friends and family, but I saw this winking at me in Urban Outfitters today and it was 20% everything so this was too much of a steal to leave on the shelf.

So there we go… the contents of my brain and wardrobe this week, that was fun!

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