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If you were wondering what I’ve been doing all summer…

I have a serious case of instagramatitus. I’m no longer interested in any element of life that I can’t apply a sun-dappled nostalgic filter to and swoon at it’s beauty!  Although, just as I got into the addict spectrum, my iPhone broke. Overheated and apparently it’s terminal! I wonder if there was a connection between discovering Instagram and this…?

So for now I am stuck with a £12.99 brick that doesn’t even have predictive text! In fact the only thing I have worked out how to do is set the ‘Greeting Message’ (remember them!) to “I’m a stupid hunk of junk”. Yup.

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Usually 30 people sit on my floor at work. Today, there are 4 people sat on my floor at work. EVERYONE has left for Christmas pretty much, so this leaves me free to roam around munching chocolate and wearing a hoody and generally working at a snails pace! And, um, maybe spending a bit more time than usual perusing the ASOS sale section. The leopard print maxi dress I’ve had a beady eye on for weeks has been reduced by 50% so I might have to order (another) Christmas present to me, from me!

After sampling pretty much every possible Christmas hot beverage within a mile of my work (!) I yesterday discovered Costa Coffees Mocha Flake which is a standard mocha but made with TWO FLAKES crumbled into it. This sounds like the kind of creation I would whip up at home, but obviously made by professional barristas, so is 100 times better. This definitely wins my favourite festive drink of the year.

So, it’s still THE BIG CHILL in London. I think I mentioned before, I really like cold weather so I’m quite enjoying the cold snap and having a proper winter season for once. I love the snow and the frosty breath and the minus degrees and an excuse to wear a scarf inside. I don’t like cold toes, but since I discovered the genius that is thermal socks (even Primark stock them now, in pretty stripey colours) this isn’t an issue. They passed the ultimate test yesterday; walking around Hyde Park for three hours with a hole in the sole of my boot and an inch of slush on the ground.

London does Christmas really well. I don’t think there’s anywhere I’d rather be at this time of year and even if I’m a bit grumbley about still being at work; I did love walking around Soho and Oxford Street yesterday under all the twinkley lights and scoping out the vast window displays. Selfridges definitely wins this year! And outside Hyde Park the trees are covered in fairy lights and the fountains are all lit up red and green. I suppose growing up in Bradford, where they being out the SAME 12 days of Christmas lights every year (where 10 Lords a Leaping hasn’t lit up since I was a toddler, yet they still hang it up!) then I extra appreciate all the details and effort that London puts in to making every inch of street twinkly and festive.

Here are a few (not all festive) links that have been keeping me smiling this week:

1. Sometimes such a simple idea makes for a wonderous blog. And that is definitely true of Someone Else Will Put It Back. Photographs of where people have dumped food in random places in supermarkets, sometimes with deep psycho-analysis of what this might mean, e.g switching fruit salad for a hefty chocolate pudding

2. The adorable Tieka of Selective Potential went to a Christmas Party last week and I have to say, present were the finest array of garish Christmas jumpers, sweaters AND tank tops known to man! Go and behold!

3. Spending two hours a day underground can challenge the strongest persons mental state so you have to find coping mechanisms for when you find yourself stuck in a pitch black tunnel without a book or free newspaper to save you from boredom. I spend alot of time memorising tube station names, or making rude words out of the adverts OR looking for animals shapes within the tube map. I thought it was just me, but then I discovered there is an entire WEBSITE dedicated to this activity. It’s lovely!

4. Do you like grizzly things? My good friend Lee makes adult claymations. Not saucy adult; gutsy, gorey adult! They are amazing, and he is living the dream by quitting his job and now focussing on making claymations fulltime. His Evil Dead in 60 seconds claymation got critical acclaim and attracted the attention of the holy Edgar Wright! So it isn’t just me who thinks they are ace. But clay and stuff costs money, so he is currently asking for donations to the cause. Put your hand in your pocket and donate, and you can get yourself a host of gifts in return like signed cards, props from the set and DVDs of all the work, so everyone is a winner. It’s always great to support up and coming talent, and I’m sure when he’s living on a private yaught in Maui he will remember those who help him at this fledgling stage of his career ;]

5. Kitten in a tiny hat!!! I like the hat, I dislike the slapping alot.

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