Getting to know you

Hello, my name is Bee.

I am a northern girl who uploaded the above photo of me jumping on a beach in Los Angeles, after a road-trip in the USA in 2011. I never imagined that I’d live here. Maybe I made it happen some how.

I like twee things like floral patterns and tea cups and big collars. I also like very untwee things like tequila and zombie b movies and initiating human pyramids and not washing my hair for days on end.



  1. Emma’s avatar

    Hey there!! Im Craigs friend from Peterborough (Brown hair, not blonde haired Emma! – we met at his Haloween party!) – since he put a link up on his facebook about your blog ive been checking in regular!! I love it!! – ive just set up my own – – but needs some more work on!!

    But just thought i would say hey – and that i like your blog!!

    Emma x


    1. Bee’s avatar

      Thanks so much Emma, you are a total sweetheart and have made my day! I’ve linked you in my blogroll – great work, it’s such a brilliant and unusual idea for a blog :]



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