If you were wondering what I’ve been doing all summer…

I have a serious case of instagramatitus. I’m no longer interested in any element of life that I can’t apply a sun-dappled nostalgic filter to and swoon at it’s beauty!  Although, just as I got into the addict spectrum, my iPhone broke. Overheated and apparently it’s terminal! I wonder if there was a connection between discovering Instagram and this…?

So for now I am stuck with a £12.99 brick that doesn’t even have predictive text! In fact the only thing I have worked out how to do is set the ‘Greeting Message’ (remember them!) to “I’m a stupid hunk of junk”. Yup.

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  1. Blair’s avatar

    Lovely to see you updating here Bee! I am a bit obsessed with Instagram too… love that you can do that tilt-shift thing and that it makes pictures of me look so much more attractive 😉 I hope you’re doing okay. xxx


  2. Harrie’s avatar

    I love the look of Instagram… wish it was available on Android! Are you going to get a new iPhone soon?
    x Harrie X


  3. jazzy elizabeth’s avatar

    These are so pretty! I’m sorry it broke, similar happened to mine. x hivenn



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