Spring is Springing

Normal service will resume shortly I promise. I went home, and had lots of adventures including seeing The Decemberists (definitely up there with one of the best gigs of my LIFE, and I hate audience participation!), saw my friends beautiful baby and didn’t make it cry once, sleepovers and sleeptalks with old friends, being faux French with Kerry, witnessing an 8 year old order a cappucino in Starbucks (!), dancing to Rhianna in 4 inch heels (something I do not do on any sort of regular basis), eating ice cream with a spoon in my friends car whilst spotting stars in the middle of a moor, pink wine and pink cupcakes and lots of fresh Yorkshire air.

I headed out on a countryside stroll with my mum, who ended up dragging me through tunnels, wading into rivers and teetering down cliff faces (ok, steep hills). She will now be forever known as action-mum…

Since I got back to London I’ve been feeling homesick. There’s something so soothing about walking walks you’ve done since you were a child and so many of my very best friends are there, that it’s hard not to do a bit of pining when I’m back hundreds of miles away from all that again. Then my grown up job exploded into chaos and I have worked so hard and so many hours this week I’ve burst a bloodvessel in my eye.

Hot stuff!


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  1. Marthaamay’s avatar

    Hello Bee.

    I miss Yorkshire too. ๐Ÿ™ Hampstead heath just isn’t the same, no matter how many trees you try to hide behind and kneel behind, you can still hear the traffic and see the path.

    Your book list at the side >
    You have read 10 already and it’s only March! Woo! I have a heffty commute to work (90mins each way) and need a book to keep me company.. Your reviews on that site seem fair and you write like you know what you are talking about, I trust the review.

    I recently tried to read The Grass Is Singing by Doris Lessing, but it’s not what I want to read right now. (About blacks and whites in a then white American colony, the language and slag is dated from the 1950s and a little too heavy on an early morning brain)

    Do you suggest anything that is informative, entertaining and a story which is easy to relate to?

    I hope you have a relaxing weekend, you and your eye veins.



  2. Marthaamay’s avatar

    ^hefty an extra ‘f’ makes it even heftier.


  3. Jess’s avatar

    Fab pics! Must go through all my many crocci at lister park shots. I have tweeted you, btw xxx


  4. laura’s avatar

    I visited Yorkshire the other weekend and it was lovely ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m so glad Spring has sprung!



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