Weekend Escape: Stoke On Trent

Carrying on my monthly weekend-escape resolution, this weekend I hopped on the very slow train to Stoke on Trent. Luckily I’m reading a brilliant book right now (Fingersmith by Sarah Waters) and so six hours travel time means I’m nearly finished it. Now I’m sure S-o-T doesn’t conjure up the most exotic visions in most peoples minds; but it’s the home of my best friend, so I’m becoming pretty well acquainted with it. Saying that, most of the weekend usually revolves around sitting in her lovely house cooing at her cute cats, chattering a hundred words a minute, watching Airline episodes from the 90s, listening to Wing covering ACDC and drinking frangelico. So, we could be anywhere really!

We were meant to do useful things like (her) wedding planning today, but instead we just watched The Wrestler. I can’t believe it has taken until now for me to see that film; as usual I got sick of the hype around it and the missed the boat entirely. It was so beautiful and I thought the ending was esquisite. If you’ve not seen it, it is definitely worth a Sunday afternoon screening.

On the way home I ate my first Easter snack! Remember my posts on Top 5 Halloween snacks and Christmas Sandwiches? Well both of these seasons have got NOTHING on Easter confectionery and I don’t even mean zz mini eggs or the creme variety. If you haven’t noticed yet the shops are going wild with chocolate mostly based around two things: 1) bunnies and 2) caramel. Two of my favourite things! I’m going to use this blog as an excuse to buy every one I see and write about them in great detail. Oh it’s a hardship.



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  1. meg’s avatar

    Fingersmith is excellent. I must get around to watching the Wrestler 🙂


  2. Jenny’s avatar

    We left hospital on BOXING DAY, stopped for chocolate (maybe other essential supplies…I can’t remember) and in all honesty, the shelves of our local Co-op were GROANING with Creme Eggs, Cadburys Caramel Bunnies (my personal favourite), Mini Eggs…who was buying them? Even I had not managed to eat all of my Christmas chocolate by, y’know, one DAY after Christmas and I was not ready for Easter chocolate at that stage. It didn’t take me long though…


  3. Lollypop’s avatar

    I thought about The Wrestler all day today. It was magnificent.


  4. Marthaamay’s avatar

    What bit of the bunny do you eat first?

    Malteser ones have big tempting ears to chomp.


  5. Tamsin’s avatar

    Lol stoke on trent! That’s where I come from (well, Alsager in Cheshire but it’s literally right next to s-o-t) I find it bizarre anybody would want to visit! xx



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