What I Wore Today 37: Me and My Bad Luck Dress.

This dress is one of my favourite ever charity shop purchases. It was £3, and I’ve had it for 3 years, and probably worn it 100 times. It’s a great summer frock, although the slit up the back makes it a bit bum-skimmy so only for days when I will be mostly sitting down!

But… I haven’t worn this dress for over a year. And it’s all because, the last time I wore it, I BROKE MY FOOT! Isn’t that ridiculous, so ever since then, everytime I look at it hanging sadly in my wardrobe, it reminds me of cracking bones and hours in Whitechapel A&E (aka scariest place on the planet) and general trauma. Do you think you can be superstitious about clothes? I know people have lucky pants, pulling dresses etc… but what about when your connotations with an item of clothing are bad?

I think in the past if I’ve had clothes that were bought for me by ex boyfriends, I have probably jumble-saled them, but that is a little bit different. With bad-memory items, it’s almost like I’m scared that by wearing it again I’m bound to have bad luck. But, I’m being brave, and lets hope the day passes with all my limbs intact and I can break the curse…

I love the candy striping, the big tacky gold buttons, the pockets (of course) and the silhouette of pinched in waist and poofy skirt section.

To face the blustery big smoke I’m surgically attached to my H&M fur coat. I get pangs of pain when I realise Spring is coming and I won’t be able to snuggle into it for much longer.

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  1. Kate’s avatar

    Oh gawd, how do I wish you luck in a moment like this? Break a leg? Please don’t actually break a leg though, otherwise I think you’ll have to burn the cursed dress! It’s not cursed though, there’s no such thing… now just prove it ;]


  2. G’s avatar

    I have a dress I was wearing for the first time to the doctor’s, who gave me some bad news, and ever since then I am so wary about putting it on! I deliberately do it though, as I liked the dress before, and I don’t want to not wear it because of my associations!

    I also have dresses that I’ve been incredibly ‘meh’ about, before having a great time in them, so now I love them!


  3. ellio100’s avatar

    I think today’s a day for breaking curses!


  4. Filipa’s avatar

    But now I’m intrigued as to how did the day go?? 🙂


  5. Sara’s avatar

    Aw that dress is so cute,(I was so annoyed, I tried it when it was originally in primark and the fit was dodge on me, good charity shoppe find!) let’s hope you break the curse! X


  6. Beth’s avatar

    Such a lovely dress it would be a shame for it to be relegated to the back of the wardrobe – hopefully no broken bones today!!
    Beth @ Baking and Brogues


  7. Georgina’s avatar

    Pretty! I hope you had better luck wearing it this time…



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