My First Time… Flying A Kite

As far as I know I’ve never flown a kite in my life. I’ve certainly watched people do it, but I’ve never had one to call my own or any memories of taking the helm. It sounds like a nice idea in a twee sort of way but I guess kite flying isn’t anything I’ve really thought of in any more depth than liking the song from Mary Poppins.

Then Ali, one third of the magic 3 daytrippers absconded to a life of meat balls and pickled fish (and of course, generally cool Swedish times!) in Gothenburg and now we are a slightly thin on the ground magic 2. To help ease out torment at an Ali-less London, her leaving gift to us was… KITEY!

We felt it was finally time to break out this beautiful contraption and see if we could make Ali proud! We stopped at Starbucks for my first red cup of the year (momentous occasion, although no Black Cherry Mocha? No happy!) and a quick natter which turned into a long natter and we soon realised the light was fading (at 4pm, beyond depressing) and so hauled our cafffeine fuelled bones up to Primrose Hill. I think Primrose Hill is my absolute single favourite spot in London, but it’s somewhere I only usually go on sticky summer evenings with a blanket and a book, or a punnet of strawberries and a beer, or just my ipod and the desire to vanish into the long meadowy grass on the bank. It’s magical, the second you reach the top; London and everyone and everything in it turns into an insignificant little toy town and any woes and angsting just melts away.

Woops, back off the tangent, Primrose Hill didn’t disappoint now it’s dressed in it’s autumnal jacket. On route to the top we kicked leaves and gasped at the colours.

We got aLOT of funny looks as we scrabbled up to the top of the hill, neon garish Kitey in tow! Craig made a good point when he said it’s like they’ve never seen two people in London with a kite before! Oh wait… neither have I! I’m just going to imagine they were all just jealous. And they should have been! Flying a kite is seriously FUN. On our first go, we had a rocky start. Bad technique, a bit of dog poo and slippery grass meant we both ended up on the floor in a bit of tangly kitey mess. But as soon as we worked out which way the kite faced (useful…) and that I was much better as the thrower, with Craig up front manning the string and running like the wind, things were looking up! The first time we got it in the sky was SO exciting and even gained us some woops and cheers from the crowds at the viewing point.

Maybe it’s one of those you-had-to-be-there moments but the tug of the kite behind you or the sight of it in the sky, honestly had us grinning like idiots. I was yelling to Craig as I ran behind him and we were both collapsing in puffed-out laughing smiling heaps every time it worked! I haven’t smiled so much and so hard for a really long time. This is definitely the best in good clean wholesome fun.I guess its a heady mix of the fresh smog air, the challenge and anticipation of whether it will work and all the running around in your own world of kite tactics and string pulling. It’s so typical of how amaizng Ali is, that she isn’t even living in London anymore yet is helping Craig and Ifind ways to fall more in love with it than ever!

I would highly recommend to anyone buying a kite. I actually cannot wait to get back out there for more kite antics, and I don’t care if it’s massively uncool to the rest of the world! In fact this dinosaur kite has just zoomed right to the top of my Christmas list!

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  1. Sonya’s avatar

    I have a friend who is actually afraid of flying kites. It’s a strange and fascinating phobia.


  2. meg’s avatar

    yey! glad you made it out. Gorgeous photos 🙂


  3. laura’s avatar

    Ahh kite flying is indeed great, i’ve got an owl kite that flaps its wings when it’s flying! And i too love Primrose Hill, have you noticed the blur lyric graffitied on the path? Not sure if you’re a massive blur geek like me but here’s the story:


    1. likeaskeletonkey’s avatar

      Laura! I LOVE that graffiti but had no idea the story behind it. I absolutely love Blur and so reading that put such a grin on my face. Thanks for solving the mystery, what a great little tale.x


    2. kittymartine’s avatar

      My dad used to take me to the New Forest on the weekends when me and my brother were wee tots to fly kites. From what I remember it was enjoyable.

      *British Texan Blend*



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