Spotlight on Earth vs. The Wild Heart

So! I’m starting a regular spotlight on my favourite fellow bloggers and a profile on what makes them tick, what inspires them and where they can be found when not tapping away at a keyboard in blogland. I couldn’t do this feature without starting off by spotlighting with my blog bff Kate – otherwise known as Earth vs. The Wild Heart. Kate was a key inspiration in me taking the plunge with likeaskeletonkey and is a constant source of support and ideas and all round sass!



1. When did you start your blog & why?
I started this blog in October 2009. Prior to that, I had kept various other blogs over the web – including another one on WordPress much like this one called Terminal Twelve that met it’s demise shortly before I started Earth Vs. I was in the middle of moving both house and job, and knowing that I’d have a lot more time on my hands to wear my own wardrobe because I was cutting my commute right down and wasn’t working from 5am-10:30pm anymore, I wanted to document it as much as possible – as well has places I’d been, music I love and parts of my everyday life.
2. What inspired you in terms of content/theme/appearence?
Not long before I started Earth Vs., I’d been reading The Clothes Horse blog from front to back. It was literally my bible. It called me to create my own blog similar to it – I thought that maybe, out there somewhere, somebody might like to look at my uncertain British high street style and my humble little life. So, content was easy. I wanted to focus on my big loves, mainly personal style, life, love, music, creativity, fitness, photography, travel – that’s a lot of love to give, and they all need an outlet! Other than that, everything else is really mundane. My theme is a bog-standard WordPress theme (called Unsleepable) which I pay something silly like £7 a year to modify. A very worthy silly, that is! And the name Earth Vs. The Wild Heart comes almost literally from the title of a Wildhearts album. Sometimes I feel very unimaginative about that but I am a bit of a wild ‘heart’ and sometimes feel that the world is against me, so at least it’s pretty apt!

3. How would you describe your blog in three words?
Pure rock ‘n’ roll! Haha, okay, maybe not. I aspire for it to be ‘punky, unpredictable & engaging’ but it’s not that at all – definitely more ‘progressing, scattered & British’. Very British! I’m proud to be a British blogger in a blogging world (especially in the personal style category) that features a lot of American ladies and would secretely (& sometimes shamelessly) love to ‘break through’ and be a super cool Brit. There aren’t enough of us Brit chicks on the fashion blogging scene!
4. What do you love (/if anything hate) about your blog?
I totally love this little space I’ve created that’s all mine and I can talk about the things I like. I love that, for the first time since my first LiveJournal, it’s something I’ve stuck at. I have 70 posts now, which is quite the achievement for me! I love the way it’s kind of made me look at life too – instead of eyes down to the pavement, I will look at what’s around me to find new inspirations or things to do or places to go. It’s made be braver too – last week, for the first time, I took all my camera gear out with me and did an outfit shoot at a park a mile away for me. A big step! The only gripe I have, which is not with my blog but with blogging in general, is the constant battles and mindchanging I have just trying to make it better, perfect even. I’m quite fussy and am one of these people that would sit and figure out all my categories, weekly features, everything before I even started a blog. And sometimes I wonder whether I set up on the right platform. I love WordPress for it’s ease to use and have always had public blogs on here, but Blogger allows you to play with the entire layout (WordPress only let’s you play with just the CSS if you pay). I’d really love for that individuality. I do wonder if I should just start up afresh but I’d be scared of losing everything. This is all part of the journey though and I think I will be on WordPress to stay! Lastly (whee, a lot of gripes) I always worry whether my real-life friends will find it. I’m not terribly secretive about it – I won’t go shouting it from the rooftops but the link it on my Twitter which a couple of my friends use – but I just worry that they’d find it really vain and uninteresting. My boyfriend knows I blog and he just doesn’t get it unless I write about fitness (or him, of course) but that’s it. It’s all silly really because I’d love to know if any of my girlfriends blog, whatever they talked about. I’d definitely read theirs and be supportive and love a different insight into their lives.

5. What makes you the most happy and most sad?
So, so, so cheesy by living with Phil (my boyfriend) makes me most happiest. You could serve me up the most distressing day, and literally just knowing that when I get home he is there all ready for a cuddle and a chat settles everything inside. I don’t think he knows how much I appreciate him, because I always go on about how much he annoys me (well, only sometimes) but he truly is the love of my life. My best friend, even! Apart from the obvious, kittens, penguins, that scary-but-exciting feeling I get when I’m on a plane at take off, simple sunny picnics, that painful delirious glee I get when I get a new personal best on a run, and a good cup of tea are all enough to make me happy. Sadness basically equals getting called into work on my day off at short notice. It ruins all my little plans and adventures and seems to always happen when I’m off to meet up with old college or work mates that I haven’t seen for ages. Sometimes, being an assistant store manager sucks!

6. Who is behind Earth vs The Wild Heart?
As just mentioned, I am an assistant store manager (in training) at the nationwide coffee chain store I work at, just outside the M25. I live just inside, and my commute is a lovely 5-mile cycle – really enjoyable in this beautiful weather we’ve got right now! I adore cycling but my big love is with running, it makes me feel the kind-of good-about-myself I never imagined I could feel. I used to be a city girl (the capital, in fact) but have got used to my almost-countryside surroundings way too easily. I feel like I belong here. I’m 22 years old, and music has been a humungo part of my life since I was about 16 and discovered both Napster and emo. What a combination! I used to dress in all black with chains and listen to Slipknot and Papa Roach, but I’d like to think my taste is much better now – if a little varied! My favourite bands are The Wildhearts, Rise Against, Rilo Kiley, Metric, Frank Turner / Million Dead, Rocket From The Crypt, The Go! Team and way too many more to mention! I love to write and dabble in photography, play guitar and sing my little heart out when no-one’s around, plan travel trips I never get to go on, and be a general sort-of roadie/photographer/supporter to my boyfriend’s (& four of my best friends’) band, The Separation.

7. What is the best fact you know?  This is definitely the most useless fact of all time but it always makes me giggle: in 207 BC, a Greek philosopher called Chrysippus literally laughed himself to death after watching his drunken donkey attempt to eat figs. The image that portrays in my mind is hilarious! I read the List Of Unusual Deaths on Wikipedia ages ago and got that one – in fact, most of Anquity and Middle Ages sections are quite fascinating, if not a little funny.
8. Which others blogs do you feast on?
I read a tonne of blogs! Apart from the ones I’ve already mentioned, some of the blogs I read every day without fail and try to show my support on every single post are Selective Potential, Strawberry Koi, Delightfully Tacky, Afeitar, and Where Is Harriet?. & lest I ever forget, you! I also love reading ModCloth’s blog ModLife, and JOY’s store blog is full of wicked style. Last but by no means least, I have to have Aimee Marie’s blog open at least once a day. She’s an absolute gem of a girl! (Add these to your reader stat:)
Selective Potential –
Strawberry Koi –
Delightfully Tacky –
Afeitar –
Where Is Harriet? –
ModLife –
Aimee Marie –
9. What is your all time favourite outfit?

I don’t think any stand out and hope my best outfits are yet to come, but I really love this look I achieved with an outfit I had in January – just the sort of punky, folky style I really want to build upon and I think it portrays me perfectly.

10. What are your plans to make this the best summer ever?
Getting my driving license! I’ve taken two dire tests, so I’m hoping for a third time lucky. It would make road tripping even better as I feel totally guilty shoving all of the driving on Phil. I’m going to Ireland with Phil and our best mates, one of whom is Irish herself and we’re going to have a cycling holiday in the south-west later on in the summer. I hope to fill my other days off full of long walks and picnics – I’m really looking forward to the promised amazing British summer, this year!


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    This is a great idea! I love that it’s so in-depth. I’m now following Kate’s blog too 🙂


  2. likeaskeletonkey’s avatar

    Thanks B! She’s such a cutie. Would you be up for being my next spotlight? I can’t believe I only just noticed I haven’t linked to you either. What a faux pas because I always read your updates religiously! x


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    Yay, this was fun 🙂 x



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