How about a nice cup of tea?

About 3 months ago I got involved in a blind tea tasting challenge for the lovely folks over at Splash of Milk. Being a bolshy Bradfordian I will bore anyone to tears about the wonder of Yorkshire Tea and literally question friendships if I spy PG Tips (shudder) or Tetleys lurking in the cupboard. YT is the king of all brews, you can taste the cobbled streets and moors and eee by gums in every sip! Even the box is a beautiful thing.  I  YT. (I am probably the only loser who loves it so much we are on abbreviation-terms)

So, being a blind tea taster was a bit like being a really quaint spy. I had to sumbit my address to a person I’d never met before, await instructions, then receive a mystery brown paper package filled with anonymous looking lettered envelopes. There were 8 teas to sample in total and everything had to be taken very seriously indeed (eg, not dunking in chocolate digestives until you’d written a paragraph about each ones taste, smell and colour) because lots of other people have taken part and then the results will be compared and contrasted to find out which type is the ULTIMATE tea. Apart from a few burnt taste buds and a lot of tea stain rings popping up all over my flat, the test was lots of fun. I also learnt a plethora of fancy official tea tasting words like Muscatel, Rasping, Weedy and Pungent. Forget wine tasting, I think I might force tea tasting sessions upon all my friends now. A brew also goes alot better with jaffa cakes, than a glass of merlot.

You can have a read of my full tea tasting adventure here…

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